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Wandering Moggy docked in Tortola.

Looking through the forward windows.

Is Bill untidy or what?

Angela in her new job of winching in boats in Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua

Mind you, I had to beat her regularly to get her to winch faster!

How do you have your veggies delivered?

This is Gregory's floating fruit & veg shop.

This is the volcano on St Lucia venting sulphur

Wandering Moggy under sail off Bequia

Anyone for fish & chips?

Dinner arrives via the local fish shop

Trip of a lifetime!

Angela boarding Concorde in Barbados for our trip to the UK - August 2003

Bill & Angela preparing for the "Trip Of A Lifetime"

The new transporter, what every good yachtsman needs?

Aliens or X Men?  Who is after them?  Watch this space.

And when you have run out of money why not try the new type of ATM machine with built-in security device.

ps Bill got 35 cents from crocs mouth.