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The voyage so far:

This is a map of our progress since we left Tortola in the British Virgin Islands on the 8th of April 2003

8th April 2003

Left Tortola

9th April 200

Arrived St Marteen (French side)

12th April 2003

 Moved round to Dutch side

13th May 2003

 Left St Marteen - Arrived  Antigua

15th May 2003

Departed St Barths - Arrived St Kitts

16th May 2003

Departed St Kitts - Arrived Nevis

17th May 2003

Departed Nevis - Arrived Montserrat

19th May 2003

Departed  Montserrat - Arrived Guadeloupe

23rd May 2003

Departed Guadeloupe - Arrived Les Saintes 

24th May 2003

Departed Les Saintes  - Arrived Dominica

26th May 2003

Departed Dominica - Arrived Martinique

28th May 2003

Departed Martinique - Arrived St Lucia

8th July 2003

Left Rodney Bay, St Lucia for Anse-La-Raye, St Lucia

9th July 2003

Left Anse-La-Raye, St Lucia - Arrived Blue Lagoon at Southern end of St Vincent

14th July, 2003

Left Blue Lagoon, St Vincent - Arrived Bequia

16th July, 2003

Left Bequia- Stopped at Mustique for lunch then carried on to Canoan

17th July, 2003

Left Canoan - Stopped at Mayreau for lunch then on to the beautiful Tobago Cays

18th July, 2003

Left Tobago Cays - Stopped at Union Island for lunch then on to Carriacou

19th July, 2003

Left Carriacou - Arrived Grenada at Mount Hartman  bay. Then 2 days later  sailed around to St. George's harbour

9th September, 2003

Left Grenada - Arrived Island of Margarita off the Venezuelan coast on 10th September

14th September, 2003

Left Island of Margarita - Arrived Cubagua Island

16th September, 2003

Left Cubagua Island - Arrived at Laguna Chica in the Gulf of Cariaco on the Venezuelan mainland

17th September, 2003

Left Laguna Chica - Arrived in the Gulf of Mochima

20th September, 2003

Left Mochima - Arrived at Puerto La Cruz

14th November, 2003

Still in Venezuela.  We are finding it very hard to leave here. It is so nice and very cheap.

8th April, 2004

Still in Venezuela.

30th June 2004

Left  Puerto La Cruz Venezuela arrived Bonaire 1st July 2004 In the Dutch Netherland Antiles ABC islands

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3rd July 2004

Left Bonaire - Arrived at Curacao 3rd July 2004

5th July 2004

Left Curacao  - Arrived at Aruba 6th July 2004

8th July 2004

Left Aruba  - Arrived at Cartagena Colombia 11th July 2004

14th July 2004

Left Cartagena  Arrived at Panama 17th July 2004

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Voyage Map






Arrived St Barths

Left  Antigua -

14th May 2003